Ultra Smooth Hydrating Essence

Ultra Smooth Hydrating Essence

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The Oyoung Ultra Smooth Hydrating Essence, a product exclusively specialized in skin moisturizing application, contains the vegetable callus cultured extracts, hyaluronic acid demonstrating outstanding skin moisturizing and calming effect, and the patented anti-bacterial Phyto-Oligo ingredients, which are capable of controlling the balance between oil & water contents of skin, and sustaining high moisture of skin with enhanced moisturizing effect. 

 The Oyoung Ultra Smooth Hydrating Essence contains hyaluronic acid holding excellent functions of moist filling and skin moisturizing, which helps the recovery of dry skin by supplying abundant water content into deep points of skin and locking the water inside.  

      • Targets 

- Those who have trouble using any ordinary cosmetics due to skin sensitiveness. 

- Those highly dry skins and oily skins but lacking moisture inside.

- Those wishing for moistened skin all day long with hyaluronic acid ingredients.

- Those wishing for moistened skin for easy make-up.

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